List of Commands

Conversation basics

1. Press “TALK”. After the melody, talk to Asuna slowly.

*You may hear the melody again when you're about to talk. If that happens, say the words again.

2. When you ask Asuna a question, it may take her some time to answer. Please wait patiently.
3. You can reply to Asuna's questions by saying “Yes”, “No”, “OK”, or “Change”.

Alarm operation (example)

“Wake me up tomorrow at XX:XX!”
The next alarm setting will be changed.

“No, don't wake me up.”
The next alarm setting will be disabled.

*If the alarm is set for each day of the week and you change or cancel it via voice, only that day's alarm setting will be changed.

Questions (example)

Here are examples of questions after pressing the “TALK” button.

“What time is it?”
Asuna will tell you the current time.
“What's the date today?/ What day is it today?”
Asuna will tell you the current date and the day of the week.
“What's the weather like today?”
Asuna will tell you the current day's weather forecast. The weather information changes depending on the time of the day, so she may not give you the lowest temperature, for example.
“What's my fortune today? / What's my horoscope today?”
Asuna will tell you your fortune. She will only tell you the fortune for the specified horoscope.
“What's my schedule today?”
Asuna will tell you your current or next appointment based on your Google Calendar.

Other operations (example)

This opens the Settings screen.
“Help”/“Tell how to use this”
This opens the Help screen.

Examples of conversations

If you start talking to Asuna, she will reply.
(The following are some examples of conversations. There are many phrases to choose from, so please look for appropriate ones.)

What time am I waking up at? /What time is my alarm set for tomorrow? /I don't need an alarm for tomorrow morning/ Asuna, when is your birthday? / Make sure I don't oversleep tomorrow too, OK? /You're the girl of my dreams / Let's play / Thank you / I’mleaving now / What time is it? / See you later / What are you doing now? / Sing something / Morning / Good night / Long time no see / Don’t wake me tomorrow / Talk to me / Cheer me up / Cool / How are you? / Do your best/ Change your clothes / Today's fortune? / What’s your name/ What's today's date? / What’s my schedule for today? / You’re beautiful /Take care / Let's play a game / Be by my side forever / Good bye / I’m lonely / Change settings / I'm home / I'm tired / I’m heading out /Where are you? /What time is the alarm at? / I’m lonely /Say my name / Were you sleeping? / I want to sleep but I can't / Hello / I have nothing to do / I'll buy you some clothes / Help / I’m sad / When's my birthday? / Stop / Look after me today / Things to remember to take with me / Do you like me? ...and more!